"Two mighty agencies in collision. Two antagonist and gigantic forces in contact, and producing effects on a scale inconceivably grand!"

"The atmosphere in all directions was filled with ashes, spray, gases... while the burning lava, as it fell into the water, was shivered into millions of minute particles, and, being thrown back into the air, fell in showers of sand on all the surrounding country. The coast was extended into the sea... and a pretty sand-beach and a new cape was formed."

T. Coan, Minister in Hawai`i, 1841  (USGS excerpt; "Where Lava Meets The Sea")


Drive from Kona:  2 Hrs

Drive frm Waimea:  1.5 Hrs

Drive from Volcano:  1 Hr

Drive from Pahoa:  1 Hr

Leaving yourself extra travel time for unforseen circumstances is always best.  We operate an on-time schedule so please meet for check-in on time.  Mahalo!  

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Kalapana Hawaii Lava Boat Ocean Tour

Aloha!  Kalapana Lava Boat's Ocean Tour Adventure comes to you from the Big Island of Hawaii.  We specialize in bringing you Hawaii's most amazing act of nature.....Kilauea (kee-lau-way-aah) Volcanoes lava flowing into the Pacific Ocean.  Kilauea's most recent eruption started on May 3, 2018 in Leilani Estates and evolved into a massive "lava river" that flowed from approximately 24 different fissures emitting unimagineable amounts of lava.  The largest and most productive, FISSURE #8, alongside the eruptions adjacent fissures (numbered by breakout sequence) destroyed a huge portion of Leilani Estates subdivision and adjoining neighborhoods, roads and farmland over the lower East Rift Zone.  This flow displaced many residents who are now still working hard to restore their community, homes and way of life that suddenly changed with the eruption.  By early June, the flow reached the coastline and consumed the Vacationland subdivision and Kapoho.  Approximately 13 square miles of land was covered by lava.  Thousands of residents were evacuated and many, many homes were lost.  Across it's entry into the Pacific Ocean, the flow added almost 900 acres of new land to the coastline.  The main river displayed rapid and violent fast-moving lava.  As its branches and fingers found new direction, it slowed and crept over everything in its path.  At the ocean entry it displayed sometimes calm, river-like fingers, cascading down into the tide below.  As the ocean entry paths developed, it became very dynamic and explosive.  By early December of 2018, the eruption had subsided and was considered finished at the surface.  Kilauea Volcano still remains very active with seismic activity, despite no surface flow at the moment.  It is very hard to describe one of the most beautiful acts of nature as it sadly also takes all that is in it's path.  If you can imagine lava glowing even in daylight, you'd be amazed as it radiates it's red, orange and yellow under nightfall.  Hissing, exploding, off-gassing and crackling from the center of the earth describe some of the sounds you might experience.

Our respect, appreciation and experience of both land and sea allow us to share the Kalapana Lava Boat Ocean Tour with you.  Please give us a call for more information.  808-990-0025. Mahalo!


Kalapana Lava Boat Sunrise Tour Photography by Tom Kualii 

Sunrise Lava Boat Tour Photography By:  Tom Kualii

"Hele aku i ke kai o Kapoho", come with us by ocean to Kapoho;  see where Namaka, goddess of the sea cools the lava of Pele, goddess of fire to bring us the gift of new land for all to enjoy.  All measures of safety and precautions are on board, starting with your Licensed Captain, who has piloted and fished these very East-Hawaii waters and it's conditions over the past 20 years.  We also comply and are permitted by the US Coast Guard and Hawaii's DLNR inspection procedures.  Our Lava Boat Tour Vessels are the best for their purpose.  Our 45 Foot Double Hull Vessel is the standard when it comes down to viewing and class.  Comfortable forward facing rollercoaster type seating was custom-made for your secure viewing pleasure.  Our vessels are powered by quad (4) 300 HP Engines and our double-hulls improve ride and stability.  This is however, a tour on the open ocean and may not be for everyone!  We will ensure you know exactly what our tour participation requirements are via our Frequently Asked Questions Page and when creating a reservation for your tour.  We meet, check-in, debrief and launch from the Suisan Fish Market in Hilo.  We have all the information you need to find us on our Location/Map Page.  Please click our different trip times below, for detailed information on each individual tour.  As always, we encourage you to call us locally at 1-808-990-0025 to speak to your trip coordinator and schedule your Kalapana Lava Boat Ocean Tour today!  Aloha and Mahalo!

Excellent summary information and facts about Kilauea Volcano can be found by clicking onto the  US Geological Survey website, including eruption history details.

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