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Hawaii Lava Boat Sunrise 5:00 a.m. Ocean Tour Details

We leave at 5:00 a.m with good reason!  The Sunrise tour current check-in time is at 4:30am.  Multiple elements of nature bring us out into the early morning, such as usually much calmer overall ocean conditions and limited-to-no wind.  Just a reiminder, our double-hull vessels boarding system is on dry dock.  You will not have to worry about boarding a floating vessel from a pier!  Comfortable forward facing rollercoaster type seating made for your secure viewing pleasure.  

As we launch out and pass the Pohoiki Bay break, we turn toward Kalapana Hawaii, you'll glance a smile, the Pacific Ocean breeze is to your face and we start our journey beside the beautiful coastline.  The horizon is still lost in the dark and there are many stars; Looking over the bow you'll search for the slight orange/red glow.  Halfway through our journey the glow appears.  Five minutes later, the glow is now a radiance through the Kalapana sky.  Darkness still looms as the break of day is coming.  Then you finally catch a glimpse of the brightest red-orange fire;  Hot molten lava making it's way into the Pacific Ocean.

Sunrise Lava Boat Tour Approach, Kalapana Hawaii 

You've now arrived at the main entry, and a rush will bring you to the edge of your seat.  You feel the heat from ocean steam and hear the crackle and bursting of volcanic activity as your tour has brought you out to an act of nature not many in the world ever get to experience.  Before long, first light for the entire State of Hawaii starts to appear.  Your Captain will take you to experience the second entry, and as always no one ever wants to leave!  We eventually pay our respects, and start our cruise back to Pohoiki Bay.  The morning sunrise hour adds a dramatic beauty to the coastline as we pass the lava viewing area on land, and numerous beautiful coves, beaches and caves.       


Departure:  Isaac Hale Beach Park/Pohoiki Boat Harbor

Meeting Time:  4:30 am,  Tour Departure Time:  5:00 am

Duration: 2 Hours 


Hawaii Volcano  Sunrise Lava Boat Tour Adult Price (13+) $225.00

Hawaii Volcano Sunrise Lava Boat Tour Child Price (4-12) $150.00 

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Kalapana sunrise on the horizon, first light for the entire State of Hawaii.  This coastline is the extreme east shore for the entire island chain.

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